Ashita no Nadja

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Die Folgen (50)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Nadja, the door of fate
2.Evening of the Mysterious Thief Black Rose
3.Samurai Kennosuke, Running Wildly
4.Dancing Nadja and Doctor Miira
5.The Evening Star, A Waltz for Two
6.Parent and Child, Tied-Up Ball Diary
7.Masquerade Ball Trap
8.Broken Wing and tears of Love
9.The Troubled Genius Pianist
10.The Music Box with Memories of Two
11.A Narrow Escape! A Confession Of Love In Paris
12.Treasure Hunting Is Romantic!?
13.Francis In the Morning Light
14.A Lie at the Alpine Flower Festival
15.A Family In a Storm
16.I Don't Understand! The Game of Love That Adults Play
17.Love and Ambition in Milan
18.Venice, The Tearful Mama Mia
19.A Foggy Night - The Black Rose's Truth
20.Full of Danger! A Date in Rome
21.Mother and Daughter Who Keep Passing Each Other - The Two Birthdays
22.Help Me! The Memory of Fire
23.Great Terror! The Ghost Ship of the Mediterranean
24.Ole! The Solar Matador and Flamenco
25.The Return of the Beautiful Betrayer
26.The Other Side of Francis
27.The High-Flying Kennosuke!
28.The Dangerous Princess
29.A Wonderful Life! The Man Who Saw The Light And The Shadow
30.The Muddy White Rose
31.The Pierrot Who Won't Cry
32.The End of the Nile - The Secret of the Ring
33.The Brooch that Vanished Into the Pyramid
34.Farewell, Dandelion Troupe
35.The Wind's Trick - The Irony of Fate
36.Danger Lurks! The Black Rose's Life on the Line
37.Light and Shadow! The Plan to Get the Brooch Back
38.The Scheme Behind Rosemary's Smile
39.Don't Steal Her! My Mother
40.The Morning of Decision! The Real Journey
41.The Joy and Pain of One's Travels
42.A Lonely Person's Home
43.The Piano's Connecting Lullaby
44.Which One Do I Like? The Ultimate Choice
45.Three People's Figures - The Unsteady Awakening of Love
46.The Two Nadjas, Confrontation!
47.Silence! The Trapped White Rose
48.Turnabout! The End of the Black Rose
49.Don't Give Up! The Power of Truth
50.A New Door of Fate