Area no Kishi

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Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.I Love Soccer
2.Knight in the Area
3.My Brother's Heartbeat
4.Last Pass
5.Enoshima High School's Soccer Club!?
6.Clash! FC vs. SC!!
7.Return of the King
9.Panic at the Training Camp?!
10.Little Witch
11.The Division of the Soccer Club
12.Enoshima Soccer Club Reborn
13.Raising the Curtain! Inter-High Qualifiers
14.The Mythical Feint
15.Strong Opponent, Tsujido
16.The Empty 3 Seconds
17.Leonardo Silva
18.Seven's Rival
19.Iron Wall!! Four Rows
20.Appearance of the Phi Trick
21.Festival Music is the Melody of Love!?
22.Emperor Tooru
23.Desperate Situation
24.Tenacity to Win
25.Fierce Battle! Finale
27.Ryouma Goes!
28.The Summit Battle! Kamakura vs. Shukyu
29.Partly Cloudy
30.U-16 Representative Training Camp
31.World Match Debut
32.Welcome Home, Romeo-Sama?!
33.New Challenger
34.Raise the Curtain! High School Championship
35.New Total Football
36.Storm Warning!
37.Kick Off!!