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Die Folgen (50)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Even I Can Become an Idol?
2.Full of Idols!
3.I Want to Know More About You
4.Oh! My! Fan!
5.Run! Runway
6.Crazy Sign!
7.Beware of Tweets
8.Underground Sun
9.Move on now!
10.Rainbow-Colored Maidens
11.Maidens in Love with Someone
12.We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
13.The Tragedy of Calories!
14.Naughty Detective ♥
15.Love of Camphor
16.Badum! Live Special Part 1
17.Badum! Live Special Part 2
18.Chocolate Love
19.The Moonlight Girl's Secret Scent
20.Vampire Scandal
21.Fashionable Thief ☆ Swallowtail
22.Idol Aura and Calendar Girl
23.Ageha and Muse
24.Enjoy♪ Off-Time
25.An April Fool's Promise☆
26.The Season of Cherry Blossoms
27.Raise the Curtain ☆ Fresh Girls Cup
28.Mizuki and the Soft-Shelled Turtle
30.A Sincere Call & Response
31.An Idol on Mother's Day
32.Ichigo Panic
34.Hello☆Super Idol
35.Star of Tears
36.Tristar Take Off☆
37.Toward the sun
38.Strawberry parfait ♪
39.Go get 'em , Soleil!
40.Girl Meets Girl
41.Summer-colored Miracle☆
42.Finale on Board☆
43.Idol in Wonderland!
44.More-Than-True Crisis!
45.Happy Summer ☆ Vacation
46.Respect J ☆
47.Legendary Idol: Maquerade
48.Wake up my music♪
49.The Place Where Brightness Goes to
50.The Memories are in the Future