Ayashi no Ceres

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Die Folgen (24)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.The day the moon & the sixteen stars align
2.The angel's first kiss
3.The one who fell to earth
4.The stolen "Hagoromo"
5.Toya's destiny
6.The 'C' project
7.Celestial awakening
8.The Mikage conspiracy
9.The angel's promise
10.Chidori's flight
11.Stir of emotions
12.The silver choker
13.Relic of the Mikage
14.The return of the 'first'
15.Toya's past
16.Another Ceres
17.Bewitching affection
18.Fleeting happiness
19.Chidori's confession
20.Toya's death
21.The ancient tennyo
22.Song of redemption
23.Mikagi reborn