Ai Tenchi Muyou!

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Die Folgen (60)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Tenchi's Arrival
2.School Tour
3.Tenchi's Journey begins
4.Underground unrest
5.Looking Back (recap episode)
6.Seeking Life in Death
7.Survived the first day
8.Tenchi Encounter
9.Festival Preparation
10.Looking Back (recap episode)
11.Dungeon Conquer
12.Friend and Foe Stuck In the Same Boat
13.Cutting the Gordian Knot
14.Delicious Trouble
15.Looking Back (recap episode)
16.Tenchi Arrives
17.Festival Opening
18.Tenchi's Kiss
19.Tenchi's Transformation
20.Looking Back (recap episode)
21.Beautiful Feast
22.Storm Before Interlude
23.Opening Declaration
24.Obstacle Course
26.The Great Mock Calvalry Battle
27.Lovely Sumo Butts
28.Super Playoffs
29.Dorm Supervisor Inauguration
30.Looking Back Part 6
31.Hazy Shadows
32.No Need for a Midnight Snack
33.Tenchi in Action!
34.Meeting on the Roof
35.Looking Back Part 7
36.Backyard Dorm Barbeque
37.Where Tenchi's Mission Began
38.Tenchi's Abduction
39.Abnormal Traces
40.Looking Back Part 8
41.Fierce Fight in the Ruins
42.Make a Choice
43.Bringing about the Storm
44.Declaration of War
45.Looking Back Part 9
46.A Case of Corruption
47.Investigation of Seized Assets
48.Scandal Coverage
49.Showdown at the Summit
50.Looking Back Part 10
51.A Collapse of Faith
52.Arrival of the Space Menace
53.Conflict at the Ruins
54.Wild Sweeping Hit
55.Fateful Encounter
56.Wandering in the Dark
57.Torn Asunder
58.Time and Time Again
59.One and Only
60.Once in a Lifetime Encounter
Japanische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
25.furikaeri (5)