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Die Folgen (26)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Memories of an Angel
2.The Beast of Darkness
3.Element School
4.Barefoot Soldiers
5.King of the Underground Labyrinth
6.To the other side of Emotions
7.Knight of the Crimson Rose
8.The First Union
9.The Route of Dreams
10.Stars in the Sky, Flowers on the Earth
11.Happiness at the bottom of the sea
12.The Time of Amber
13.A Twelve Thousand Year Old Love Letter
14.Shining Shadows
15.Aquarion's First Love
16.Black Mirror
17.Combine to Eat
18.Cosplayer of Soul
19.Mischief without Wounds
20.Feather Song of an Angel
21.Crimson Road
22.Wings which cannot be Seen
23.Wings, far away
24.Gates of Heaven
25.Final Battle!! Atlantis
26.The Day the World Begins