Allison & Lillia

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Die Folgen (26)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Allison and Will
2.Towards an Enemy Country!
3.Walter's Fight
4.The World with the Two of Them
5.Secluded Forest
6.Fiona's Valley
7.Entrusting People
8.Princess and Hero
9.Bridge Spanning the Original Battlefield
10.The Train Named Conspiracy
11.Attack the Armored Vehicle Head On
12.Long First Day in Lilliane
13.And The Two of Them…
14.Lillia and Treize
16.Charity Seaplane
17.Wings of Justice
18.Reward Kiss
19.Winter in Ikstova
20.First Dream of a Nightmare
21.The Father and Daughter of Destiny
22.The Revealed Hidden Treasure
23.Accidental Travellers
24.The Great Train Operation
25.The Criminal Laughs Secretly
26.My Prince