B-Daman CrossFire

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Die Folgen (52)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.This is B-Daman!?
2.This is Cross Fight!?
3.He's the Champion!?
4.Eh? A Fast Record!?
5.Howl, B-Animal!
6.Finish It with a Triple Shot!!!
7.Go! West City!!
8.3...2...1, Cross Tag Fight!
9.His Name is Reoja
10.Roar, Break Shot!!
11.Let's Go! Metal Axel!!
12.Go! W-Super Shot!!
13.Who Is It? Mysterious Red Dragon Trainer...?
14.Eh? Is that Person a Transfer Student?
15.Perfect Combination of Dragon and Tiger = Dragren!
16.Strongest Control Type?
17.This is Break Bomber!?
18.East vs West!
19.Camp is Fun!
20.The Identity of the Crimson Dragon!
21.Break Bomber Friendship!
22.Invincible Dragon Tag!!
23.Who Is It? The East Champion!
24.3, 2, 1... B-Final!
26.End of the Fierce Battle...
27.Eh? It's Cross Fight!
28.A New Opening! B-Daman from Warring States Era
29.The Unmatched Jacker!
30.Fierce Fight! East GP
31.Assemble! The Future of B-Daman
32.Compete with Asuka!! Break Bomber
33.Burst! The Opening of West GP
34.Bomber! Who Will be the Winner?
35.Duel in the Blizzard
36.Confrontation on a Snowy Evening! Jacker vs Drazeros
37.Mystery in the Ruins
38.Legendary Dragon Type!
39.Dragold's Participation! North GP
40.Terrifying! The Power of Gold Dragon
41.Defeat! Smash Dragold
43.Hunt! The Mystery of B-Daman's Secluded Region
44.Mysterious! The Enigmatic Ancient B-Daman
47.Heat Up! Ryūji's Rampage
48.Extreme Fight! Naoya VS Ryūji
49.The Perfect Dragon King!
50.Head-On Match! Dracyan VS Dragren!!
51.Here We Go! The Final Match
52.Conclusion! The Immersing Cross Fight
Japanische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
25.Kaisai! Tōitsu Chanpion Kettei Sen
42.Kizuna no Daburu.Shotto!!
45.Hissatsu no Doragonikku.Hanmā!