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Die Folgen (51)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
51.That Rock Chick is a Dream☆Girl
52.Welcome Back ♫ Strawberry
53.La la la ☆ ★ rival
54.Secret of Smiles"
55.The Password is OK-OK-Okay☆
56.Top Secret of Love
57.Loose Cha-Ran-Way
58.Magical Dancing♪
59.Choco and Solution☆Choco-Pop Detectives"
60.The Fabled Powa-Puri☆
62.The Idol is the Santa Claus!
63.Red-White Aikatsu Battle!
64.Lucky Idol ☆
65.Door Towards the Dream
66.The Wonderful Mutual Love
67.Fortune Compass☆
68.Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess
69.Hosting Heart
70.Stylish Expedition: Cool Angels!
71.The Glittering Aquarius
72.Happy☆Idol Fest 1st DAY!
73.Happy☆Idol Fest 2nd DAY!
74.Cherry Blossom-colored Memories
75.Again ♪ off time
76.Shocking☆Fresh Girl!
77.Let's Aim To Be Stars ☆彡
78.Miracle begins!
79.Yes! Best Partner
80.Aikatsu! Boot Camp
82.Aim For It☆The Greatest Partners
83.Otome RAINBOW!
84.A Miracle in Bloom!
85.Rhapsody of the Moon Desert
86.My Dear Idol!
88.A Legendary Place
89.Longing for Eternity
90.Gleaming✩Futuring Girl
91.Formation✩Aikatsu 8
92.Summer Idol Story
94.Two Wings
95.Where Dreams Bloom
96.Let's! Akari Summer
97.The Secret Letter and the Invisible Star
98.Twin Dresses
99.The Tears of the Flower
100.The Wings to Our Dreams
101.The SHINING LINE of Admiration