100% Pascal-sensei

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Staffel 1
1.And His Name Is Pascal-Sensei / Perfect Plate
2.Terror! 100% Physical Exam / Perfect Plate / 1% Pascal
3.My Name Is Transfer Student / Perfect Plate
4.Legendary Delinquent, Tachibana Hikaru / Perfect Plate / Kitano Yuusuke-kun's Code Lesson
5.Beware of Pop Quizzes! / Perfect Plate
6.Also Known as May Sickness / Perfect Plate / Pascalinglish Straight Outta America
7.This Is Birthday Party / Perfect Plate
8.The Faculty Room You Don't Get to See / Perfect Plate / A Practical Hieroglyphics Lesson
9.The Seating Change of Destiny / Perfect Plate / Kitano Yuusuke-kun's Code Lesson
10.Danger! Keep Out! Zoo Classroom / Perfect Plate / 1% Pascal