Angel Heart

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Die Folgen (50)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Glass Heart
2.Kaori has Returned
3.XYZ Street
4.Wandering Heart
7.My Beloved Town
8.True Friends
9.Shan-In~Lost Name~
10.Angel Smile
11.Family Time
12.Encounter and Separation On Board The Ship
13.Present from Master Li
14.Revival, City Hunter!
15.Find Papa!
17.Meeting within a Dream
18.Familial Ties
19.Old Man Chen's Place
20.Fated Prelude
21.Sorrowful Guardian
22.Unfair Happiness
23.Melody of Departure
24.With The Beat...
25.Client That Wishes To Die
26.Once more at that time
27.I'm in love!?
29.My sister...Kaori
30.This Town Is My All
31.Miracle Seen On The Final Night
32.The Woman From The Organization
33.The Child, A Gift From God
34.Decision of the two
35.To the Future...
36.The Girl That Brings Happiness
37.Pure Heart
38.Be My Eyes
39.The Client Is A Famous Actress
40.Miki's Hidden Secret
41.My Whereabouts
42.A Newscaster's Love
43.My Daily Life
44.For The Sake Of Our Children
45.Human Nuclear Warhead, Yang
46.Mother Heart
47.Bright Future!?
48.Drawing In Destiny
49.Get My Life
50.Last Present