Ai Shite Night

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Die Folgen (42)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
2.Misogynist Giuliano
3.Still early for a kiss
4.Rock 'n' roll fated meeting
5.Gou and Yakko wedding's dolls
6.Platonic Love at Midnight
7.Chic love triangle
8.Forgotten Love Song
10.Birthday Present of Love
11.Good-bye Gou
12.A puzzling love
13.Freeway of Sorrow
15.Hashizou-chan swept off her feet
17.Ideal Man Giuliano
19.Hashizou-chan's birthday
20.Lonely boy at night
22.Dawn at the beach
23.Hot kiss in the forest
24.Together in the storm
25.Summer festival's samba
26.Hot song by the lake
27.Interchange of love
28.Yakko's first kiss
29.Baby I Love You
30.A call of love from the starry sky
31.The return of the wedding doll
32.The wedding of love and sadness
33.Solitary Heart
34.Prelude to Farewell
35.The drum machine is broken
36.The fire of love
37.The lullaby from Paris
38.The melody of the little star
40.A ballard the colour of snow
41.The lovers's concerto
Japanische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Bouya to Neko to Kiza na Yatsu
9.Kan chigai no kissu
14.Yuki to Wakare no Nocturne
16.Zubu nure rokkunroru
18.Yakko nijiiro no sukyatto
21.Go! Gou! Bee Hives
39.Chibikko tenshi no rokku
42.Uedeinguberu ha tsuyoshi santo