Aishiteru ze Baby

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Die Folgen (26)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.She (Yuzu) is★5 Years Old!
2.Yuzu's Onigiri
3.Where's Mama
4.Yuzu's Crayon
5.The Reason for Her Tears
6.Bye-Bye Yellow Hat
7.One, Two! Pudding!
8.Mr. Bear and Carrots and Papa and Mama
9.Kokoro All Alone
11.Dumplings, Yuzuyu, and Kokoro
12.Yuzu's Errand ♪
14.Shouta-kun from the Sakura Class
15.Onee-sama goes to Parents' Day!
16.Shou-chan, see you later...
17.It's a pool, it's a bathing suit, it's scary
18.Miki-chan with the red hair
19.Let's walk in a line
20.Let's go home
21.At summer's end...
22.When I grow up
23.Two ♥ box lunches
24.A letter to the one you love
25.Mama's pajamas
26.I love everyone, everyone!