After War Gundam

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Die Folgen (39)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Has the Moon Come Up?
2.Power for You...
3.My Favorite Mount is Ferocious
4.The Operation is Time Critical!
5.You Pull the Trigger
6.This is Unpleasant...
7.Gundam, I'm Selling You!
8.That Boy, I Won't Forgive Him!
9.Like Rain on the Street
10.I'm a Newtype
11.Without Thinking at All, Just Run!
12.This is My Best Work
13.Shoot Me, I'm A Fool
14.Can You Hear My Voice?
15.I Wonder if There's a Heaven
16.Because I'm Human too
17.Determine That for Yourself
18.The Sea of Lorelei
19.It Feels Like I'm Dreaming
20.So...We Meet Again
21.Like My Dead Wife Used to Say
22.The Ghost of 15 Years Ago
23.My Dream is Real
24.Double X, Activate!
25.You're Our Star of Hope
26.Don't Say Anything
27.It's Time for Farewells
28.Must I Shoot?!
29.Look at Me
30.It Feels Like I'll Never See You Again
31.Fly, Garrod!
32.That's the G-Falcon!
33.How Do You Know Me?!
34.The Moon Has Appeared!
35.The Light of Hope Will Not Go Out
36.It's the War We Wanted
37.Frieden Takes Off
38.I am D.O.M.E., I Was Once Called a Newtype
39.The Moon Will Always Be There