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Die Folgen (25)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.The Future of Painful Thoughts is
2.Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain
3.My Innocent Child, Sleep Within the Light
4.To the Depths of the Earnest Prayer
5.Hot Tears, Gently Fill His Heart...
6.The Path of Justice That Leads to Light
7.Does the Soul That was Devoured by the Wings Dream of Its Beloved Child?
8.Half of His Soul Arouses a Sad Awakening
9.The Color of His Soul Will Be Forever
10.That is But One Form of Atonement
11.Atonement For Loved Ones is...
12.The Darkness Called "Pain" treads ever closer...
13.Down the Path of Light I See...
14.The Reason We Fight Together...The Qualification called Comrade
15.That Day, I was With Him
16.Trust Lies in The Dark Abyss Where The Light Cannot Reach
17.The Family With Wings of Darkness, Enshrouded in Misery, Flies Down
18.The One Who Must be Forgiven Drown in Darkness... The One Who Loves Him is Filled With Tears
19.The One-Sided, Yet Never Dying Love Finds Itself...
20.They Both Offer a Requiem
21.Therefore, You Pass Through the Door of the Defeated
22.Led by the Light in the Water`s Depths, He Spies Upon...
23.Before the Darkness of the Heart
24.The Justice of Those Who Lack Love is.... Oh Heart That is Stolen by Darkness, Forever...
25.The Heart is Led by the Truth Repeated on the Other Side...