"My pork cutlet"

My pork cutlet
Okai...first to the motive:

This is suposed to be Yuri of Yuri!! on ice. A nice sweet short anime which i suppose many already know. I only got to know it on new years and I quite enjoyed it. I do hope they will make a second round (likely) and that it will be fun (maybe not so likely).

I liked the characters (despite being so many it wasnt confusing and they all had their own character) and the music and while i have no clue of ice skating it sure was great to see all this cool skating and i liked how you got to understand the sport without getting bored to death. Not to mention all the fanservice and funny scenes. I also liked the drawing style and the story line was - considering that it is a sports anime - nice and enjoyable. Whoever has not seen it yet: i very much recommend changing that.

Now to my rant to the drawing:

so this was incredibly fustrating and I'm too annoyed with this drawing to continue it.

First...i just wanted to do a quick drawing so ic ould try out my new inks. Then i ran into huge failures of anatomy i had a long struggle with the legs. and then a weekend later a loong struggle with the held out. I lost the fight and i messed up SO badly i had to scan it and colo on pc. At this point i was allready annoyed this was not meant as a digital drawing and for my personal taste it is too little going on for it too.

Then my photoshop died. (%§!#*@€$!!!!!!!)

So i had to revert to to manga studio which is not much fun for colorizing. I did try coloing it too but i thought it worked waaay better as a black and white composition.

At this point i am annoyed about most of the drawing; aside the hmpf that the main porpuse of trying out my ink was lost, I feel like the torso is way too long and the legs still dont work and we don't even need to talk about that stupid hand.

That being said i don't want to bother doing a background :( *super fustrated* i spent most of my long weekend being annoyed and flustered and boring everyone i know to death with this and it's just enough. Here is the original drawing on paper (so you can see the broken hand) and the colored version in stach for anyone that cares:

http://sta.sh/0rnnkq3gcru - colo

http://sta.sh/0uupeuac5n5 - lining
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